The importance of Ethic

Before leaving for Iraq I bought a book written by Michael Sandel.

I like him a lot, I have watched some of his lectures on the web and I think he really has a brilliant mind.

Of how many people can I say the same? Not many, unfortunately, this is why life looks brighter with a good book in your bag.

The title was Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?

Who hasn’t felt at a crossroads at some point in her life? Sometimes it is not easy to take the right decision, the line between right and wrong sometimes is very thin and some others are even blurred!

But I firmly think that no matter what we do, ethics is all we have to guide us when in doubt.

It’s important to have one also in work, it doesn’t matter if we are not important persons, politicians, etc. what matters is to make a difference in someone else’s life and bear in mind that our actions always bear consequences.

Lately, I have been asked to recommend a person I don’t know.

It wouldn’t have cost me I have always been against this kind of practice. What about all the people more prepared than this one who don’t know anyone and wait in line in a long pile of CVs? What about the person who bends to this barbaric system, losing any sort of credibility and reputation?

I have been on both sides of the barricade and I have always preferred to look myself in the mirror instead of taking shortcuts. No, thank you!

I have received wedding proposals in exchange for money, a job is some nice exotic resort… still no, thank you!

It’s not fun, it’s shabby.

The Hospitality Industry is not always easy and I wish there could be some more natural selections among those elements.

Last update: 14.7.2022

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