#Mysteries of #Hospitality – Part 4 (The famous Hotelier)

It all started with a pompously arrogant sentence: you are lucky to work with me because I am a famous hotelier!

The famous Hotelier:

  • Forgot to put 3 beds in 3 bedrooms… it was only his core business, after all!
  • Does not have a public CV and you will find no trace of his self-claimed glorious past online!
  • Never speaks clear and avoids eye contact!
  • Hasn’t the faintest idea on how to sell a hotel without a GDS. It’s useful but there are also other channels!
  • Hires professionals to tell them what to do and how to do it!
  • Opens a new property without a market study, incredible but true!
  • Promotes people based on sympathies and fires others on the look!

The famous Hotelier still has a long way to go but we won’t tell him, he already knows it all!

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