#Mysteries of #hospitality – Part 3 (the gift of forecasting)

#Mysteries of #hospitality – Part 3 (the gift of forecasting)

When you work in the Sales & Marketing Department you have to learn to take decisions driven by data, not fantasies.

There are people who still suffer from this practice, they fall in love with theories, most of the time not related to reality. Sometimes they are not honest at an intellectual level. Denying the evidence is useless, the person I am referring to had all the elements (that I hadn’t) t0 understand what happened today.

Nope, I don’t have the crystal ball, I only observe the facts, that’s all that it takes.

And this is how today I received the confirmation of something that I predicted 2 months ago.

Nope, I cannot be more specific.

Of course, it is job-related, and of course, this cryptic story ends with an “I told you!”.

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