Contradictions of a sales person

I am working in sales and with tourists from all over the world since I finished high school and I used to work at the airport of Fiumicino to pay for my studies at the university.

At the time, I was too young to enjoy what I did, I only wanted to have fun and I wasn’t committed to a specific career.

Then wisdom comes, and with the years, you discover more about yourself and about the world.

You discover your passions, your limits, and what makes you happy the most.

And you learn that you enjoy spending your time with new people but, at the same time, you are fully independent and you also enjoy spending some time by yourself.

You can be the maximum of diplomacy but, at the same time, you can be strict and firm to your points. You need to trace lines.

Your private life seems strictly intertwined with your professional one, yet all of your closest friends work in different industries but they know everything of yours.

You are totally into digital marketing but you use four different agendas for your notes and meetings because the primordial love for paper is still too strong.




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