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You have just landed on the personal blog of Flavia Vinci and in this section I will tell you more about me.


I am Italian, I have been living abroad for over 10 years but I had to come back to Italy because of this messy situation with the Covid-19.

The hotel where I used to work had to close and I couldn’t afford to pay a rent without having an economic income so I came back to the base: Rome!

In this difficult period I have had the chance to find another job, similar to what I used to do before but for a lower segment.

I used to work as a Director of Sales & Marketing for 5 stars Hotels, now I do the same for a Spanish company that rent tourist apartments in 3 different countries.

I love my job but I am totally out of my comfort zone. Apartments are not luxury hotels and I am catching up with the different tools and procedures. Who is perfectly at ease in these days? We are all longing to come back to normality, this odd concept… what’s normal left?

If there is something that is clear at this stage is that Life is unpredictable… and so this blog!


I have started it in 2018 for colleagues and friends. Since then a lot of things have changed. It has started like a game and it was private, then it became public. It’s highly possible that I will rename it. Flavia Vinci simply looked easy at the beginning but now I am considering some alternatives.

This is a personal blog so I have always used it to make experiments. From Google Analytics to Google Search Console and other technologies. Last year I moved it from one server to another and it almost drove me crazy!

It has been extremely helpful to test here instead of my hotels websites. This is how I came to the creation of my 6 professional websites! I am very proud of them but above all I am glad that I had fun while testing!

What I can tell you is that this personal blog, with all of its imperfections is still alive and it is enriched, every day, with new content and photos.


Unfortunately I don’t have the time to write a lot every day but everyday I share pictures. I always enjoy to spread some beauty!

All photos are mine and I don’t take credit for someone else’s work. When I use someone else’s picture I mention the author, that is a mere act of respect and education.


This planet is an amazing place after all. Sometimes we only have to change our point of view. I love details and I love travelling. With the months, I have seen the numbers of followers growing, and certainly not because we used to work together. Most of you didn’t know anything about me. You have started to know more about me through these pages and some wonderful friendships have begined.

Post after post, comment after comment. And this is seriously priceless!

You will find plenty of pictures of the places I have loved the most, memories, reflections and much, much more!

In the picture here below the tags of my latest travels.

to discover more about me, have a look at the tags of my travels

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I have been working in the Tourism Industry for all of my life. Sometimes I write about places I have had the luck to attend as a customer.

Do not expect any demolition paper because it is not my style.

I know how it can be difficult to deal with public and all of us can have a bad day. For this reason I will consider only the positive experiences and I won’t be paid for writing them.

I am not an influencer but I believe in congratulating others for their efforts and success.


You can follow me also on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. In my social spaces you will find the name NOW, HERE AND SOMEWHERE ELSE instead of my name. It’s because this is exactly how I feel… I am here now but with my heart and my head I am somewhere else as well!

To make it short, for business or for leisure I will keep on travelling so come along with me!

Or contact me…


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