Conti Vecchi Salt Pans (Part 1)

Very close to Cagliari, in Sardinia, you can visit Conti Vecchi Salt pans. They are very close to the sea, in a place e called Macchiareddu.

The context is the one of an industrialized zone but this is one of the most sustainable industry in the world.

The salt estraction only involve water, wind and sun.

There is no waste, everything is used.

The site is protected by FAI, a sort of environmental fund and you can book an electric train tour which covers a distance of roughly 10 km in 50 minutes.

This is one of the biggest salt pans in Europe and the second for extension, in Italy.

It’s populated by several bird species and pink flamingoes are among them.

Today I have learnt that they become pink towards their 3rd year and before they are grayish.

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