Destination: Sardinia

This is the recap of my last journey, my last change in business and in life (in my case they always go together).

The sunset view from the ferry in Civitavecchia

The sunset view from the ferry in Civitavecchia

The journey itself has been just awful, something to forget and that I am not longing to repeat.

Unfortunately, I had to embark my car because I was moving to another remote destination.

15 hours with no cabin, no proper seat, sleeping on 2 chairs, something shameful for a country like this, but apparently we have lost this skill a long time ago.

What I retained is how it started and how it ended, with the source of my energy always there: the sea.

We cannot retain all the burden. Sometimes we have to learn to let go, forget, turn the page and start over.

Something is changing, indeed, and it’s not only my new destination, my new job, new resort, new life, new everything.

Something is changing and this time it’s not external, it’s me.

After 2 weeks the balance is more than positive, I am challenged but also having fun. I have a lot to do but I am able to cut off my space.

The situations are always the same, no matter the country but this time there is something different indeed.

I am struggling to understand what it is but the sea is playing is part for sure.

Cagliari view from the ferry

Cagliari view from the ferry

9 thoughts on “Destination: Sardinia

    1. Yes, I think that I am taking a bunch of things easier than I used to do in the past. I have always attributed a lot of importance to my job and I used to take things personally because I was unable to disconnect from time to time. Now, here, it’s already different. I am temporarily accommodated in the hotel where I work but at the same time I can cut some time off for me. I can’t compare it with Iraq because it has been an experience apart and there were positive and negative sides like everywhere else but I am feeling the difference in terms of mood, habits, reactions, reflections, etc and it’s a nice change, indeed.

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