Cagliari – Sunset on the Lagoon

Hi everybody!

I have stopped again posting and I am terribly sorry.

I moved to Sardinia and started working for a resort here on the island.

As usual, I am overwhelmed with work but I terribly miss blogging and all of you as well.

I just wanted to let you know that I am fine and share with you the beauties of this land.

This is the lagoon, it is divided by the sea by a very narrow stripe of land.

I was right on it when I took this picture.

I won’t have the time to post regularly but I will do my best to keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “Cagliari – Sunset on the Lagoon

    1. I will try. I went a couple of times to Cagliari, the biggest city close to where I am staying and had not the time to take one single picture. It frustrates me to be always in a hurry, even when I am off.

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