Gallipoli – Streets Decor

I like street art but there are many other ways to take care of the beauty and decor of a city, starting from cleanliness, plants, lights and any other dott of decoration.

Gallipoli is assaulted every year by tourist, they are doing a good job in this sense but there is always room from improvement, especially for those who are living there not only a few days a year.

Here are some successful examples of what I mean. Personally, I would like to see more Salento-oriented decorations, the identity of this area and less standardised commercial decorations.

10 thoughts on “Gallipoli – Streets Decor

        1. You are totally right Sharon, it’s also true that before they used to build and decor cities in a such complex yet stunning way. They built for eternity or very close to it. I am a fan of street art but it’s cheaper and does not last.

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