Salento – Cats

I just realized that I haven’t done not even one post on the cats that made my holiday more beautiful than what expected.

Here they go!

The undisputed queen. I thought she was taking weight thanks to me when I realized that she was pregnant!

She came to visit me on a daily basis and it could have not be more appreciated 😍

The one here below is always sleeping on the same spot in front of a store in the city center of Maglie.

This beauty just arrived to cheer up my days.

And this one is from Gallipoli. There is a wide colony of black cats over there.

10 thoughts on “Salento – Cats

    1. I am taking care of most of them! As long as I am here there is no issue, I am constantly feeding them, my concern is for when I will leave. Life is never easy for stray animals

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