6 thoughts on “Gallipoli – Doors (Part 1)

  1. Ohh, thank you, Flavia, much appreciated. Hope you’re well! We are having 30-35 degrees in Ljubljana and no air-conditioning… Amore says it’s better there! But I suppose where you are it’s worse still… Except you enjoy it!

    1. I confirm that with a humidity at a 100% rate, the temperature perceived is even higher. No air conditioning here either but as you say I am enjoying it! Take care 😘

    1. Thank you Wayne. If you are a door-passionate you will be happy to know that I am about to post some more, always from the South of Italy! Yes, I liked the door knob as well 😊

    1. Yes, it’s a lovely city, too much tourists for my taste but I enjoyed strolling around in the early morning when most of them were still sleeping

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