Old Basra (Part 2)

My favourite district in Basra ❤️

The Shanashil windows are typical of this zone. They used to maintain the air chilled but since we have the damned air conditioning they are no longer building them.

It’s a pity because from an architectural and aesthetic point of view, they were really something.

12 thoughts on “Old Basra (Part 2)

  1. I have seen these mashrabiyas in Lebanon and Eritrea. They are wonderful. What a pity that those of Basra are abandoned!

    1. The political situation is terrible, they did the elections last October and they still have no government. If they don’t fix this first, I am afraid they won’t be able to take care of the rest of the country.

  2. Thanks and appreciate its my parents city like this pic and feel crying it’s the heart of IRAQ but still neglected cuz of rude parties

    1. My dear Noora, it’s a small world after all. We have similar cases of neglect and abandon in Italy as well. Nothing to be proud of. There is a political volountee to conduct things this way, we are always there…

  3. Very attractive photos … if you concentrate on the door’s photo you will see something like round handle, its the door knocker or (bell) its made from pure copper and usually they install two (big and small ) the big one is used for men when they to knock the door and the small one for ladies and both give different (tones ) for the house owner to know who is knocking man or women.

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