Basra – Sand Storm

Last week, we had some dusty, Sandy and windy days.

We are still cleaning up the mess.

But, as you can see, the effect is very peculiar.

I took these pictures at 6.30 am in the hotel’s garden I work for.

The atmosphere was surreal and no one around, only birds!

I so enjoyed it!

27 thoughts on “Basra – Sand Storm

      1. The past several weeks have been very busy and traumatic. My mother in law passed away March 27, and then 2 weeks later another close family friend died rather unexpectedly. Work had been hectic, even though our COViD numbers are very low right now. We have lost a significant number of staff at our hospitals and we are dealing with trying to get patients taken care of with less nurses. Not fun.

        Our youngest daughter is getting married later this year, and if things continue progressing well, our oldest daughter is expecting a baby September 21. She had a miscarriage last August so we are cautiously excited! So the circle of life continues…

  1. Oh it’s practically magical – the orange softness the dust lends to everything. Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry it left such a mess to clean up. Nice to “hang out” with you again, Flavia. I used Manja’s link to get here. 🙂

  2. Nice to see Collared Dove and Pied Wagtail, which we also get here(wherever that may be…)

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