Friendship and random shots from Puglia

This pic won’t mean a lot to you but it means the world to me.

This picture reminds me of a special person, the battles she strove to win.

It reminds me of her strength, her kindness, her courage.

It reminds me of the only place I call home.

I started this post a long time ago, then life happens and catch us in the middle.

Vale is “my star”, as I really think she plays this role in my life!

Today it is her birthday. As most of you already know, I don’t like to show people in my pictures.

So I am showing you those of her land. These are taken from the web. Here below, Uggiano with the Albanian mountains in the background.

She knows I love absolutely everything of her land, so she keeps my updated reminding me that there is always a place where to come back.

These shots are also from her.

We cannot always choose… but, definitely, my friends are the best part of me!

Happy birthday, stella mia🤗❤️

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