Basra – Spices

Istanbul is famous for its markets of spices, but what to say about Basra?

Sincerely, I think I have never seen anything like that.

It’s not clear if the pasta above is real pasta or just chips, shaped like pasta. What is for sure is that everybody can touch it, and this is why I haven’t bought anything!

You can find everything here, but seriously everything!

Also strange plants like the one below, apparently used against Corona virus.

10 thoughts on “Basra – Spices

  1. Buongiorno, Flavia! 🙂 Your photos make me wish to play around with all the different shapes and colours and make a big mess, like an artist. 😀 I know it’s food but it doesn’t seem so. Hugs from Tuscany!

  2. Wow! Many things have been written over the centuries (literally) about those markets. But this visual illustrates it perfectly!! My goodness!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I haven’t visited the one in Basra but definitely have in Istanbul. I have also seen Aleppo’s amazing souq and I understand it’s back operating now. Thanks for sharing your visit – such wonderful things in so much abundance!

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