Basra – Alternative Breakfast

I have never been a fan of Italian Breakfast, which is completely focused on sweet food. I miss a good cappuccino, this is for sure, but the variety of food that I found here is something amazing.

The odd kind of pita here below was very tasty, apparently a mix with an Indian and loca bread.

Poached eggs proposed by the chef of the hotel where we are accommodated.

Mohamassa: typical breakfast for this zone. And if you think that it might be too much, you haven’t seen the one with the intestines yet!

Local pizza bread down here with some spices that I love and the best yogurt ever.

The favorite omelette of my GM. He takes one every single day, I gave it a try once and it was good indeed but I tend to vary and experiment something new every day.

Our chef brought us this one day: Dates with molasses syrup and sesame seeds.

In the end, the Arabic version of my favourite bisquits. I found them by chance in a small supermarket. They are my alternative for when I wake up at 4 AM and cannot wait for the restaurant to open at 6.30.

8 thoughts on “Basra – Alternative Breakfast

  1. This is pretty spectacular. But why on earth are you waking up at 4 am? Over here we have a MAJOR internet failure and I had to hook up to date with my phone and it’s terrible. Who knows when they will fix it. Amore says that they are waiting for us to die. Love and hugs from Tuscany!

    By the way, I just posted some memories from our last getaway of last year. Here are my two trips from October 2020:

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