Basra – Food (Part 3)

We open this post with two images that Italians would never want to see: the overcooked version of pasta and lasagna!

But this is nothing, compared to the industrial quantity of Tabasco and ketchup that my colleagues use to add to both of these dishes.

I specify that I order Italian food ONLY in Italy! And these were the meals of two colleagues of mine.

Here below you can admire the sad version of Mdardra: rice with lentils and caramelized onions, which in my case, didn’t correspond to the theory!

Besides the burnt onions, the taste was good, by the way!

Lamb with rice, here below, once again not my choice but a very typical dish for this region.

Vegetable curry, my choice, I loved the oil station pictogram 😂 to make the full of energy maybe, because it was quite spicy (but good!).


Here below my beloved “betenjeneer”. It’s made of aubergine and I just love it but I never know how to write it!

I am learning Arabic and if I read their transliteration, it always come out a different pronunciation, so I am trying to find my own way!

This is some kind of Indian pita, extremely tasteful, that I had for breakfast some days ago. Regardless its aspect, it was very good indeed and the yogurt was excellent.

Poached egg here below.

Above and below two typical sweets that I don’t eat because they are too sugared but they look yummy and my GM confirmed that.

That’s it for today, another day is about to start. Have a nice day!

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