Basra – Sunset

This city has definitely something magical to me. Despite its many problems, it transmits me good vibes every day since I arrived. All of these pictures have been taken at sunset, which by now it is around 5.15 PM, local time. But it still comfortably hot and I love that!

The Italian Bridge

If it looks big is because it is. Wikipedia report a population of 1.4 million people.

The lights close to the horizon line are those of the oil stations, permanently burning.

Unfortunately here I had a dirty window in front of me but this sunset was really something.

8 thoughts on “Basra – Sunset

  1. Flaviaaaa, I’m always happy when you post. I love it hat you’re loving it, and “comfortably hot” made me laugh. 😀 Over here amore cleaned our chimney and tested our stufa yesterday. Today is the first time I have to wear socks. Horror! 😉 The Italian bridge is spectacular!

    1. Yep, I love these temperatures, I was not accustomed to the dry weather but it’s easy to adapt when one changes into better conditions! To tell you the truth, the temperatures are slowly and slightly lowering but I am confident that we will never attain the Italian cold, which for me was unbearable. Irony of fate, we build impressive bridges abroad and in Italy we stick to the ugly and dangerous ones. A big hug to the 3 of you.

  2. I can feel the magical quality in your photos. The shape of that bridge is spectacular and the pops of colourful lights on the mosque make make such a statement.

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