Basra – Food (Part 1)

This is only a part of the delicious plates I have seen and tasted these days. Not all of them actually, most of them are my colleagues meals. So far I have liked everything but the lamb, because I never eat lamb meat.

Here it’s full of Lebanese so go figure if they are serving us something typical or a contamination of cultures… but I like that 😋😍

Our hotel is still under construction, we work a lot and we gather for the meals. These atmosphere is respectful and joyful.

I feel like at home and I cant explain why. Everything is different and yet still wonderfully familiar.

Enjoy the culinary tour.

Cheese sticks

Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup with curry

Pita bread, cheese and meet

Chicken and spinach on the left (Lebanese way) and aubergine and tomato on the right (Iraqi way)

Spicy pizza and French fries

Spicy pizza and French fries

Iraqi version of fajita

Hummus and lamb meet

Mainly eggplant sauces and hummus, the unmissable pepper


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    1. Nope, not yet. It’s just me, the workers and a few employees. Today there has been a lovely warm and strong wind blowing. It reminded me of Rome or Palermo in their best days of hot summer. If only I could have a summer which lasts one year! 💪🤣

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