Moving to Iraq

And here we go, the big announcement I anticipated a few days ago is that I am moving to Iraq.

I signed a contract a few days ago and I took one of the easiest choice of my life. It’s not the first time that I leave but it’s the first time that I see the most contradictory reactions, from indifference to rage, joy, etc. Luckily that I don’t have to ask for permission to anyone!

So pack everything, store your life and memories in a basement, save something to put in the luggage that you will bring with you, catch two flights, endless queues…

It’s been an endless journey, worsened by the lack of sleep.

Stopped at the new Istanbul airport that I already visited when flying to and from Kosovo.

The unmissable Burek!

And a hand dryer with a nice name which could remind something only to the Italians.

I ignore if this is the famous Tigris or the Euphrates but I am finally in Mesopotamia, the land between two rivers, and it’s mesmerizing!

My Italian teacher was also an archeologist and she was so in love with history that she transmitted t us the same passion for history. We spent 6 months on the Epic of Guilgamesh!

Everything is different by now and I didn’t came to do the tourist but I am so excited to be here that I feel I already love this country!

38 thoughts on “Moving to Iraq

    1. I know, that’s quite a change! Should I have liked simple things I would have stayed at home but I was missing so much exploring, traveling, dive into a long term project… I feel happy, excited and accomplished and it’s been a while I didn’t feel that way☺️💪

    1. I am sure you could not stand these temperatures but would you believe that I am always wearing a sweater to avoid freezing with the damn air conditioning?😅

    1. I will do my best. For the next weeks I will try to post something but I doubt it will be from here as I don’t have much spare time but stay tuned because at some point I will surely do that💪☺️

  1. Ahh, beautiful shots from the air! That burek looks completely different from what we – that is people of ex-Yugoslavia – call burek. I can imagine the difference in reactions. 😀 And I’m sooo glad that you had a good history teacher, something I never had. As a joke I find myself in the land of the Etruscans. I guess I need to ask amore about the Xlerator. 😀 All well to you and looking forward to Ira

    1. It reminded me the world SCLERARE, ask him. He surely knows that! Yes, Burek here is different but it’s different also in Turkey and other countries. Let’s say that the concept is more or less the same!

      1. I did ask him and he is asking you if the machine was not working, that’s why you thought of sclerare. 😀 Also, my uncle is here now and when I told him where you were, I saw something in his eyes… It’s always dangerous to tell him Do come over. 😉

    1. Thank you Rebecca. For the joy yes, I would say it has already arrived and it was a long time I didn’t feel so happy… For the great photographs I hope to have some spare time in the next months. I am overwhelmed with work but as you can imagine I will be glad to share my tours with all of you ♥️🤗

    1. Yes, I just loved it too. This place was the crib of civilization, no matter how they are today, There are things that cannot be forgotten and the gloriously days of this area are amazing indeed

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