Santa Severa – Il Pescatore Restaurant

After almost one year I didn’t see Manja, we had finally managed to organize it at the end of August. I get out, I jump in my car, turn the key and nothing happens! PANIC! Call Manja but she had already left and didn’t answer.

I suddenly remembered that last year, I had a similar issue with my battery. But it was due to the fact it was freezing cold and I never used the car. It’s summer, I just used it a couple of days ago so this time it must be gone for good!

I call my friend Cristina who arrives a few minutes later with her husband, 7years daughter and a brand new battery that is not the one in picture, this was my old one!

In a few minutes Luca managed to replace it and I am finally free to enjoy my first getaway with Manja, after so many months.

We meet in Cerveteri but we go to lunch at Il Pescatore Restaurant in Santa Severa, right on the sea.

Everything was excellent but the dessert. We were right on the sea. I so needed it!

I think that day gave me the inspiration to leave and come back to Puglia and Puglia inspired me for something else that I will tell you in the next days…

When one say that the important thing is to go…

5 thoughts on “Santa Severa – Il Pescatore Restaurant

  1. Haha, I laughed at your first photo and then went yummm at your food photos, remembering how good it was. “Getaway with Manja” is the best possible category. It will wait for when we can do it again. All well to you.

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