Maglie – Coats of Arms

Maglie is a very small city in the south of Italy but yet it is full of history.

I loved all these coats of arms.

I’ve been here a lot in the past but only yesterday I noticed all these details.

The city is still the same so if must be me who has changed or at least I learned to see it with different eyes 😍

7 thoughts on “Maglie – Coats of Arms

  1. I think the experiences of the past year has made all of us see things differently. We perhaps did not realize the importance of paying attention to suck things until we were cooped up and not able to be on adventures…

    1. Yes, it must be this, you’re right. I have always been keen to observe details but if I see something new in a place that I know by heart it must be this introspective effect we have all been subject to.

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