Coming back home (after 3 years)

It’s been a while I didn’t come back home, 3 years more exactly.

Home means Salento (in the south of Apulia) even if I was born and raised in Rome.

I like to travel and discover new places but this is the only place I call home and where I need to get back once in a while.

I left from Rome very early in the morning and apart the first two shots I have no idea where about I was when I took the other pictures.

Most of them must have been in Campania.

All the fields ones were surely in Puglia.

I am at Vale’s place. She is one of my best friends, and if Salento is home, she is definitely family.

I will post more pictures from here in the next days.

6 thoughts on “Coming back home (after 3 years)

  1. I’m glad you got to get home too. Yours is yellow! But also blue and green. I bet it makes your heart sing as mine does to me. I really hope we get to explore mine together, and yours too!

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