Buenos Aires – Street Art in Boca

Boca is a district where lays the football field. Here every body support the football team which gives the name to the district.

My passage here has been very fast as I didn’t feel safe walking around.

As usual, when you’re a woman traveling solo, you should think first of your safety and then enjoying your sight seeing.

This is always extremely frustrating but considering what is going on in Afghanistan and other countries I really cannot complain.

So enjoy the quick tour and stay positive.

In the meantime, I am contacting associations which welcome refugees.

Life goes on but we can’t be indifferent to such a humanitarian disaster, and as a woman I feel especially concerned.

6 thoughts on “Buenos Aires – Street Art in Boca

  1. Not easy being a woman in any country. Don’t envy you,
    but try to understand as much as any man could.
    Your exceptional photos release the talent of these artful folks. Wow.
    Totally amazing.
    thank you for presenting it. take care of yourself, stay safe

    1. Thank you so much Eddie. We’ll, it’s very difficult fore to understand men points of view, but the next time I will go there with a body guard! The whole district is very interesting and it surely deserved more time.

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