Buenos Aires – Iglesia de San Pedro Telmo

This is how I discover cities… Just Strolling around, I rarely use maps but when you’re lost in the lively district of San Pedro Telmo in Buenos Aires, you raise your head and discover an unexpected element in your sight, it’s maybe the case to make a deviation and discover this beauty!

Here below some tiles and pavements.

12 thoughts on “Buenos Aires – Iglesia de San Pedro Telmo

  1. Thanks for your gorgeous photos. We loved visiting Buenos Aires. It is such an elegant city! In a pension where we stayed that used to be a opulent residence, they told us the floor tiles were imported from Italy!

    1. Ciaoooo! Si, tutto bene, grazie. Sto riprendendo piano piano una vita vagamente normale. I have been overwhelmed with work these 2years and I am finally saving some time just for me, my interests, my well being… and soon my holiday! πŸ’ͺWhat about you? I hope you are fine and that the situation in Mexico is improving.

      1. Glad you are taking some “Me” Time. πŸ‘πŸ»
        Just spent 6 weeks in France. A bit strange, but nice overall. Situation in Mexico or anywhere is not getting better. I am beginning to think that until “all who had to die” do, it won’t be over. (Trying not to be one of them of course…) Or until we find a treatment. A cure for the plague or lepra was not found until the mid 20th century. Hopefully, research will find something soon. Take good care of yourself. Buona notte Flavia.

        1. Hi my dear friend, I am glad you had the time to escape from your daily routine. Yes, I agree with you, the situation is not easy at all. I have just watched the news and it seems that in Mexico you also had some floods. I hope that you and your beloved ones are safe.

          1. We’re fine thank you. Don’t know about the floods. SOrt of cut off the news. But we did have an impressive earthquake a few days ago…

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