Ostia – Dawn (Part 2)

I like to start my day at the beach, when it is still empty and there is no one in the ray of one km!

Unfortunately today I woke up late. My noisy neighborhood didn’t allowed me to sleep well last night and these pics are from yesterday and the previous days.

Coffee helped me and I am already at my PC. Have a nice day!

10 thoughts on “Ostia – Dawn (Part 2)

    1. Yeah! You’re right Sarah! Tomorrow I will be posting the shots of today. It’s a wonderfully humid morning with a dramatically cloudy sky here. I am sure you will like them! I am still on the beach. It’s one of my favorite moments of the day☺️

    1. Thank you Lynette. I should be accustomed by now but can we really get accustomed to bad manners and strong noises during the night? I cannot even call the cops every two days🤦🏻‍♀️I stick with my usual walks on the beach, this is a nice habit indeed💪yep, I will post more early morning shots tomorrow. I am still on the beach but I have to come back home because today I will finally meet Manja. After almost one year😱

        1. Yes, we finally managed to meet, I just came back home. We had a lot of fun 💪💪 posts tagged as “getaway with Manja” will follow😍❤️💪

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