Ostia – Humidity is back! (Part 3)

This one is a direct post.

Until an hour ago I was on the beach.

I am not a person of a habit, but I usually share pictures of the dawn with my friend Javi who also uses to get up very early and is addicted to the sea just like me! From one shot to another, when nature gives the best of itself, it’s impossible to resist.

And this was the spectacle of this morning.

There are days where one feels more “recharged”, others switched off.

Today I put in the loop this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUxsP8ED_cM

I let you imagine how I feel today!

It’s very humid, but I don’t complain. It seems the air itself is sweating, full of minuscule droplets, plus the hot breeze coming from the sand and the sea.
I just love that!

I am almost alone on the beach in the early morning, and there are a few things I love more than this.

It’s not my sea, it’s not the very south of Italy, it’s a very decadent place.

Everything here recalls the sixties, and the sea often has a disturbing brownish colour, but at least it smells good.
Enough talking, let’s start the day!

6 thoughts on “Ostia – Humidity is back! (Part 3)

    1. Yes, I start my days listening to the news which are super depressing. When I needed to recharge my batteries there is nothing better than music+sea💪

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