Fiumicino – Calavera (Mexican Food)

Another Mall, other company, other food.

Yesterday I went out with Cristina and Gaia to a place called Parco Da Vinci, close to Fiumicino Airport.

Don’t ask me why this fatal attraction for Malls, right in mid August, when the sun is high and one could stay home chilling out or at least at the beach.

I am not able to answer, so I let them drag me there, one more time.

I am so not into shopping but I like going out with my friends, singing out loud in the car, like crazies and laugh, chat and laugh again.

I owe a peculiar mention to this restaurant, called Calavera, because of its exquisite service, and the kindness and politeness of its staff. Yes, also the food was good but it’s staff is even better.

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