Castel Romano Outlet

Lately my days start all in the same way. A long stroll by the sea. When I come back home I cuddle my favorite cat in the neighborhood.

It gives me the energy to face the rest of the day and the endless series of absurd interviews that I am having.

But yesterday Nadia was there and she insisted to take me to Castel Romano, an outlet just outside of Rome.

I am not a shopping lover but I adore my friends so I let her convince me.

She bought me this t-shirt, which was highly appreciated.

It’s been an unexpected break from my daily routine and today we have already started with a recruiter who didn’t show up. No notice of course.

Sometimes I wonder where do I find all of my patience and resilience.

This is why we need to cultivate the beauty in our lives…

13 thoughts on “Castel Romano Outlet

    1. Who knows? Maybe because that if we don’t take care of certain stuff, no one else will do on our behalf.
      Yes, the shirt was very nice, by the way 🙂

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