8 thoughts on “Ostia – Sea in Winter (Part 4)

      1. We are in another surge. The hospital I work for has stayed full both with COVID patients and other patients who are very ill, because illnesses of other types don’t stop just because COVID is hogging so much attention, lol.
        My daughter just found out today that her boyfriend’s mother has the virus; so now daughter has to wear a mask around the house all the time. Since I still have my mother’s house, my husband and I are going to go stay there a few days. There is no internet over there, and Daughter needs internet for her work. So I am scurrying around trying to figure out what clothes to take. I really don’t want to get the virus. Hoping daughter doesn’t but time will tell.

        1. Omg. I am so sorry to read that. I hope everything will be fine. Here they say that we will have the vaccine by the end of September. I ignore if it is some kind of propaganda but I do really hope that it will work so that we can turn the page. Stay safe💝💪

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