Ostia – Sea in Winter (Part 2)

Somehow the winter has come, in this crazy year of pandemic spreading worldwide and a rather warm autumn, all of a sudden it is winter in Rome.

My favorite corner in the world is not here but I feel safe here, as long I have the sea right in front of me and my feet on the sand.

I have taken these shots yesterday. If I do not catch the virus I will catch a cold for sure. It had rained the whole day and it was freezing outside.

How do I love the sea in winter? I would have never said that when I was younger but the advantage of age is that we become a little wiser.

This is why I am not depressed if I am stuck at home and this is why I am finally able to appreciate a cold winter!

For those who followed my saga with the noisy neighbors in spring and summer, I am glad to announce that they have finally left and silence seems to be the greatest gift at the moment of writing this post!

Have a nice weekend and enjoy what you have around you☺️

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