9 thoughts on “Vico Equense – Doors

  1. Oooooo, my dear, you found a door that cannot so easily be outdoored. 😀 What a structure! It says: “Non abbiate paura.” For real! But I like the entire sequence of doors in this post. Special mention to the multicoloured one. Wonderful!

  2. Some absolute beauties in this collection, but of course those massive bronze doors are the easy choice for most impressive. I can’t even imagine how much they weigh.

  3. Love that long sculpture – beautiful! Am warming up to the idea (that is something really big for a Dutchman – I am – to say) that Italy is one of the significant centers of European art). It helps I have been there (Italy) myself. Sorry so late:) Jesh

    1. It seems that my issues with comments are not completely fixed after all. The comment left because I could finish my sentence… I wanted to say that I love your country as well 😍

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