4 thoughts on “Flying over Salta

      1. Likewise! We are seeing a surge. Big surge. My hospital now has 2 ICU’s dedicated to COVID patients, and 3 nursing units completely full…opening a 4th floor for COVID only and trying to find beds for the 10 patients that are there. (Rooms will be converted and they eventually can hold 35 patients but we have to find extra staff.)

        1. And all of our hospital beds are full of other patients still needing care, everything from heart problems to strokes to burns to any respiratory issues besides COVID…πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄

          So 3 hospitals in our system, the biggest one being the flagship for COVID, cardiac, neurology and orthopedics. Certain specialists do not go to the other two hospitals, so the building I am actually in gets lots and lots of patients. I have work d here 37 years, the last 10-1/2 in my current job assigning patients to beds (we facilitate calls from sending facilities from outside our town, amongst other things.) The pandemic has been quite the thing to deal with.

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