Farnese – Doors

Today I propose you some doors from Farnese.

Another day with total insufficient technical assistance and updates to do.

When I do them on my own it’s faster, but as usual, I am not sure about the result.

Stay calm & let’s hope that the changes went through.

I hope that these doors will be visible…

One day I will become an IT, despite my will, that’s for sure!

We have the illusions to choose our lives but it’s rather our lives that choose for us!

At the end of the pandemic I will be an expert!

Other Doors in Lazio: 

6 thoughts on “Farnese – Doors

    1. Thank you Jupiter. This is good to know. Appearently the app is not working properly. What is annoying is that I have to figure it out by myself because the assistance is not responding but I am not a technician! Anyway, have a nice Friday 😊

  1. Ooo, familiar faces! 😀 I didn’t see that you posted doors on a Thursday until right now! These photos are much smaller than your usual ones, but it’s still possible to see all these wonderful doors, at least on my big screen. The knockers deserve a closer look though. And my special door friend is included as well! 😀 I’ll post the photo that you take of me with it next Thursday.

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