Farnese – Farm Sant’Antonio

This is a direct post. A few hours ago I was in a farm nearby Farnese (in the north of Lazio) with Manja, Emanuela and Antonio. This was our welcome commetee!

I have always loved animals much more than humans so I hope you will enjoy this post!

These are only a part of the animals that we have seen.

Tomorrow I will post some others, living in this oasis of peace.

The white horse had a wound on a leg and we have witnessed that he has been carefully and lovely healed.

I fell in love with the donkeys…

But definitely, here, love is in the air ❤️

10 thoughts on “Farnese – Farm Sant’Antonio

  1. You pass your love for the animals across beautifully. <3 It was a joy to see you in your element. And I took my 603 photos too, but still have to look at them. I know they won’t be not nearly as lovely as yours.

    1. Don’t say that Manja, you know I am a big fan of your photos, especially those where I am not included😂but this time I will be waiting for those with the horse. Hopefully I will save some😆

  2. Ohhhhhhhh, this is wonderful. I’m with you…love animals more than people any day. Always have. These are beautiful photographs and I want to hug all of the animals. Can’t wait to see more. Thank you so much for letting me see them.

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