I don’t know you, but I desperately need to laugh today.

As often as possible.

We only have one life and I really need to live it as smoothly as possible.

Life will always take over with thousands of problems and unexpected bad surprises but I think we have the to try in every possible way to contrast it.

Here are some idiot things that made me laugh or smile.

I am too tired to translate the Italian ones, sorry😅

18 thoughts on “Humor

  1. I can figure out the cat one just from what little words I do know…and the context…guessing the last frame of that cartoon says something all the lines of “leave me alone?” 😂 Such a cat thing!

    I may have to pull up Google translator , these look too good to pass up!

      1. Our 7 month old kittens remind me of the siamese cats from one of the Disney movies…the ones that walked as a pair everywhere singing “We are Siamese if you please…” even though our cats are not Siamese! They are so mischievous!!

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