6 thoughts on “Castellammare di Stabia – Roofs

        1. Yes, because I love roofs! Do you know how many times I would live to enter some fancy building, get to the top, some building have open terraces and take pictures from there. Of course having a pair of wings would be much easier💪😄

  1. Gorgeous!! If I would ever be so lucky as to get to travel to Italy, if I were to try to take pictures they would all be blurry from me shaking thanks to my fear of heights! Lol

    1. Yes, Shauna after all this covid disaster you definitely have to come over and celebrate the virus end with me! I won’t take you anywhere high, we’ll stay at the sea level! I like to think that when this mess will be over I will celebrate it with all the travels that I have not been comfortable to do during all these months! 💪 Let’s think positive!

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