Ostia – Neptune lost his trident

Manja just told me: the famous statue of Neptune lost his trident.

But I like to remember it how it was, in all of its beauty and I won’t post you any image of the mutilated one.

Neptune Statue in Ostia during a peaceable day

This is the most recent photo that I have of the statue. I have taken only a few days ago, before the storm.

The truth is that the 7 days in a row of storm and rain and hail and strong wind have been too much! For Romans and for their gods! We are simply not accustomed, we are not located in the north.

We have always had an amazing weather in this period and passing from an amazing summer to a lousy winter, sucks!

The Neptune statue during a storm

This one instead has been taken during one of the last storms.

The Neptune, acted for real like the lord of the seas but these days have been extremely depressing and hard to overcome.

The Neptune Statue at the end of a storm

I posted several photos of him in the past. It’s my favorite statue, in the whole district. I hope that the people who contribute to make this district a nicer place will replace it soon.

Keep up the good initiatives, let’s make statues pop in every corner of the city, especially in the sea! Spread the beauty!

The Neptune Statue and green waves on the back

Some storm ago

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