Monte Tancia – Saint Michel Grotto

Coloured leaves on the ground of Monte Tancia

Coloured leaves on Monte Tancia

Monte Tancia is the highest mountain in Rieti province with its 1.292 meters.

Monte Tancia and the first autumn colours that pop up

Monte Tancia

And it host the Saint Michel Grotto that contains medieval frescoes.

modern sign that leads to Saint Michel Grotto in Monte Tancia

modern sign that leads to Saint Michel Grotto

It was a very nice day and definitely worth the excursion!

wooden and handmade sign to Saint Michael Grotto

handmade sign to Saint Michael Grotto, my favourite!

stone stairs that leads to Saint Michael Grotto in Monte Tancia

Stairs to the Grotto

rocky side of Monte Tancia

on this rocky side of the mountain people use to climb

Unfortunately the frescoes have been severely damaged by vandals and not only weather conditions.

medieval fresco on the Saint Michel Grotto, representing the Saint George killing the dragon

The grotto is named after Michael but this one looks like George

This is what remains so the local authorities had to close the direct access and put a gate.

Saint George fresco and another damaged one in Saint Michael Grotto on Monte Tancia

damaged frescoes

six cyclamens in Monte Tancia

group of cyclamens on our way

the base of Monte Tancia

the base for climbers who train on Monte Tancia

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