Castellammare di Stabia – Flying away

These shots are still from my first day in Castellammare di Stabia. This is what I could see from my window. I was tired after a whole day driving and walking around but I couldn’t resist so I went out again.

The weather was already different when I arrived along the coast.

It was windy but warm, people kite surfing up and down but suddenly my attention has been captured by a couple of seagulls, then 3, then more…

They were excited but somehow you could sense joy in the air.

It could have been the last quest for food or simply the fact that they can appreciate a stunning sunset fat better than some of us…

They gathered on the beach but they couldn’t stop, refused to wonder, they started flying for a few minutes and coming back, their wings wide opened, almost waiting for a signal, maybe the right wind to take them up.

The air was sparkling, the seagulls just couldn’t stop, couldn’t stay, then finally they started flying away, dancing in the air with absolutely no effort.

Who hasn’t dreamed to have wings to fly away, at least once, in her/his life?

Staring at them isn’t almost like flying with them?

To me the answer is yes, it’s not a case if later I feel lighter, in every sense possible… phisically, mentally, no sorrows!

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12 thoughts on “Castellammare di Stabia – Flying away

  1. Fly, fly… I think there was a nat King Cole song.
    Tutto bene Flavia?
    I hope your summer was all right. My apologies for not visiting more often, lockdown seems to drain more of my time…
    Buona sera.

    1. No worries my dear, I don’t have the time not even for me. Yes, everything is fine, overwhelmed of work as usual but I am imposing to myself to unplug at least during the weekend 💪how is the situation like in Mexico? I hope that you and all your beloved ones are fine. Take care😘

          1. I stopped for a fraction of second at the “vax” but I got it. Yes. though in all rational perspective I don’t see one until next year…
            (We also need a vax for the tramp, et al…)
            Buona sera Flavia.

          2. Yes, I am taking into consideration another year or two. Who knows? I was discussing about it with my boss. She wants me to join her in Barcelona but ai am too scared to do that. I am not traveling at all, only very quick getaways from times to times to places that I can reach by car. I am supposed to travel for business reasons but I am scared to death by the idea of catching a flight right now, it’s not rational, it’s only that I am scared…

          3. It’s perfectly reasonable. Not irrational at all. You probably know how important it is to me to “touch base” in France once a year, but no way I’m getting on a plane with 200-300 people. With one idiot onboard anyone can be contaminated. Stay home, stay safe. I support your perception all the way…
            Buona sera amica mía.

          4. Yes, I know your link with France. This is what I keep on saye, the virus is so small tgat it floats on the air and let’s be clear, even if people was wearing its mask properly (and it’s not the case), I would have be scared the same! It’s not a game and the fact of underestimate the situation is not helping. We are all humans, also those who are young and may feel invincible. Better not take risk. How do you say? Better safe than sorry! 😉

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