Castellammare di Stabia (Part 2)

A few km south of Naples there is a vibrant village called Castellammare di Stabia.

It has all the characteristics of the South, the Italian South, my South, and I cannot help but love it!

When traveling to Italy get prepared to smell food everywhere and find churches, saints, bishops, popes and other related characters in every single corner. Especially where you less expect them!

Just like in the picture here below.

I was taking pictures of something completely different, turned my head in that direction and I saw Saint Catellus among the windows! The Patron of Castellammare.

I didn’t expected it at all and it made me smile! This is always the same but from different perspectives.

And to finish, one door for Manja, this is a very peculiar one!

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    1. Flavia is training herself to photography and happiness! I enjoy so much taking pictures that I should have never paused! Thank you so much by the way, to you and Matic. Did he arrived?

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