Breakfast with friends

I miss my friends.

I miss the fact of meeting at 6 Am when normal people are sleeping and have breakfast together, have a stroll and chat, chat, chat…

I love the fact of reducing problems and share the joys.

I love the fact of reflecting, confrontating, discuss about everything and never being judged.

I love to do it while sipping a cappuccino and having a little sweet or something tasty.

There was a time where most of my friends were in Rome but a lots of things have changed since then.

Sometimes it’s only life, because you cannot be the second choice of someone who instead is your priority.

They choose, you choose. I don’t regret anything, I don’t miss the people I kicked out of my life.

I miss those who are far away but make me feel beloved and at home with a simple message!

To the next breakfast together, to the next call, chat, email, whatever it will be!

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