Salta – Windows

The unmissable windows…

Wherever I go I can’t avoid to take pictures of them

This week has been pretty tough, I feel exhausted like a Friday but it’s only Wednesday!

While the rest of the world is enjoying holidays and a sort of sabbatical year I am working more than ever.

I don’t complain about that, I love my job… if only one could avoid the unmotivated colleagues!

The human factor can be such a burden or a relief…

So today I am looking for some energy in beauty, as usual!

And I remember that, after all, not everything is lost, that among unmotivated so many unmotivated people I also have the best colleague ever, my beloved Ardita! ❤️

This post is also for you, my dear💪

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    1. I am working for a Spanish agency, specialized in vacation rentals. It’s roughly different from what I used to do before. I miss 5stars hotels but the situation is really messy right now. I had to adapt!

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