Salta – Street Art

Street Art in Salta touches different aspects of human creativity. Above and below you have 2 modern representations.

Than we pass for ceramics…

and here someone who cut the stone and used these fossils part in a building.

I am fairly sure that the intent was not the one of decorate the facade but the result is impressive anyway.

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      1. Unfortunately here in my own state our cases went up, especially in the immediate vicinity around the city we live in. Many people fought against wearing masks and would not do so until the governor mandated it; even then our state senate watered the mandate down to leaving it up to individual counties and towns/cities making their own decisions. Hence the increase in cases. They dropped slightly this past week, but I fear they will increase again after the first week in September when school resumes. My hospital has stayed very busy the past couple of weeks as the virus peaked again; it was worse than in April when they first shut everything down. We are not seeing the levels of deaths the big cities saw, thank goodness, but we do have numerous cases in the hospital s locally. My family so far has managed to stay healthy. Thank you for asking. How are things where you are?

        1. My dear Shauna, yes imagined that the situation was still bad. Here in Italy it’s increasing and in Spain (I work for a Spanish company) they are facing the second wave of contagions. I really don’t know what to say or think. It has been the ground zero of tourism, we resist but I wonder for how long. We all desperately need the vax to come out…but the future is so uncertain and unpredictable. We can only carry on what we are doing and try not to give up๐Ÿ’ชbe brave my dear, nothing lasts for ever

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