Villa Pamphili – Green Parrots

These Green Parrots belong to an exotic species that you really don’t expect to meet in a city like Rome.

I have seen them, for the first time, in the north part of the city.

People say that a couple of them must have escaped from a cage and enjoyed their new freedom status reproducing over and over again!

Of course their progeny must have do the same and now they have colonized also the Southest Part of the city.

I love see them flying so fast or simply get rest on a branch.

Enjoy the colors of your life!

8 thoughts on “Villa Pamphili – Green Parrots

    1. You are more than welcome. I think it would be nice to alternate post about them and the pigeons but unfortunately they haven’t colonized my district yet and I have less opportunities to observe them but they are beautiful, as you said☺️

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