Buenos Aires – Columbus Day 2019

This is a very unusual post for me.

I don’t like taking pictures of people and I always avoid to include them in my shots!

But this time it has been totally different.

Last year I was in Buenos Aires on the beach 12th of October, I was walking down the street during a rainy anc cloudy morning when I saw three guys wearing strange costumes.

I thought that there my be some feast, kept on walking and then I saw some others wearing different costumes… I kept on walking…

I arrived at avenida 9 de Julio and there I understood!

It was Columbus Day!

I knew it was a national holiday in many countries but I had never had the opportunity to assist to one of these.

There were colors and music everywhere, I couldn’t resist! I have spent there the whole morning. I am looking for other photos and videos!

11 thoughts on “Buenos Aires – Columbus Day 2019

    1. I agree, in fact I was very surprised to assist to this manifestation. Before they used to call it “the day of the race”. I think that now it’s more an affirmation of their identities.

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