Subiaco – Monastery of Saint Benedict (Part 2)

This part concerns the miracles of Saint Benedict.

The fresco here below represent the first 2.

Appearently Saint Benedict was a fanatic and very strict in his discipline. The monks couldn’t stand him anymore because since he arrived he started making their lives impossible so they have decided to poison him. They served him a cup of poisoned wine, he blessed it and when he was about to grab the cup, it fell down and the wine spilled everywhere.

I am not a believer and I ask myself how the hell it can be considered a miracle but the one that come next is even funnier!

In the monks community there was one who were particularly lazy and it is represented going out of the church, tempted by a small devil.

The great miracle of Saint Benedict has been approaching the monk with the excuse of a chat and then started hitting him with a stick!!!

We looked each other with my friend Emanuela, astonished and confused.

We both said “but this is not a miracle, this is intimidation, in the best case scenario!”

By the way the church still consider it as a miracle because since that day the lazy monk started regularly attending masses!

You will take your own conclusions…

I only add that this place is amazing, the altar in the grotto, the frescos, the colors and unfortunately the photos do not make them justice!

6 thoughts on “Subiaco – Monastery of Saint Benedict (Part 2)

  1. Amazing artwork. But yes, one would wonder how those really qualify as miracles. I did not grow up in the Catholic traditions, so am not familiar with the stories behind all the saints. I actually find artwork in the church distracting from worship…but that’s just my perspective.

    1. I am an atheist but I love Italian churches for all the beauties they contain. These frescoes were really something. The anecdote and stories about the glory of the saints are story tales to me and I don’t mean to offend anyone. But when one considers those ridiculous facts as miracles I surrender! Logic against superstion is an argument lost in advance 😅

      1. I guess faith does defy logic. Coming from a faith tradition that was Christian but not based on imagery (how does anyone REALLY know what Christ looked like!) I guess I also appreciate the cathedrals for their artistic beauty. It is amazing how long those frescoes have lasted!

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