Subiaco – Monastery of Saint Benedict (Part 1)

And as I promised you yesterday, today we finally enter the Monastery of Saint Benedict!

This is exactly as if you were with us because we had to wait for a while.

I was with my friend Emanuela, the sun was high, it was around 11 am and the place was much more crowded than we expected.

I have read somewhere that Italians are taking advantage of this lousy covid virus to visit all the places that normally are monopolized by tourists.

I would add a “finally” because there are so many Italians that don’t know their country and unfortunately take a bunch of things for granted.

At the same time I think we don’t owe the place!

We only have the chance to live close to these beauties, that it is for certain an amazing opportunity but do we really appreciate it?

No matter of the nationality I think that this kind of places should be attended only by art lovers and forbidden to the selfies army!

This time we have been lucky, the average age was rather high and they all seemed fairly interested in what the guide said.

You will rarely see people in my shots but I want to piint out to the difficult of taking pictures avoiding them 😂 especially for the pavement here above!

14 thoughts on “Subiaco – Monastery of Saint Benedict (Part 1)

  1. Alégrate de que al Ejército Zombie del Selfie no le guste este tipo de sitios. Si les gustase no habría forma de visitarlos. Además es un poco la idea inicial de los monjes, vivir lejos del mundanal ruido. Alégrate ¡Aleluya! Alabemos el buen juicio de los monjes 🙂

    1. Si, es cierto, por una vez hemos tenido suerte 😂💪 y aquí hoy hay un gran concierto de cigarras que no te digo😍 ¡como quiero el verano!

  2. Wonderful pictures! Yes, the selfie nonsense drives me crazy. But my albums are full of pictures of my family in some of our favorite scenic places…along with the scenery itself. (Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, etc). But when I am someplace with art, I take pictures of the art itself (if allowed).

    1. Of course, I agree. I love good memories as well but when one has the chance to visit a similar place the attention should go to the masterpiece and nothing else, imho

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