Subiaco – Monastery of Saint Benedict (Exterior) (Part 1)

It’s a long time I wanted to visit this place.

It’s fairly close to Rome but with the fact that I am always abroad I never had the chance to visit it before.

I have always seen it in nice pictures and I wondered the effect it would have done to me.

I am not a mystical person but I am longing for some silence, especially now that I have 8 rude and noisy guys living upstairs.

It was not as silence as I expected because there were a lot of tourists but it must be really something at night.

The Monastery is nested on the rocks, among the mountains and I keep on wondering how they could move there centuries ago.

The closest village is Subiaco but it’s a very long and steep way.

I suppose they used donkeys or simply walking but still I find it astonishing.

Well, enjoy the view and the amazing architecture… Tomorrow another post will follow!

9 thoughts on “Subiaco – Monastery of Saint Benedict (Exterior) (Part 1)

  1. Los monjes siempre tuvieron buen gusto para elegir el emplazamiento de sus monasterios. Y eso que lo que les importa es la otra vida 🙂

    1. Si, sin duda. Una lástima que no haya certidumbre de la otra vida y que esta también merezca de ser disfrutada. Quizás que tener unas buenas vistas lo hace todo más fácil ☺️

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