Ostia – Hooded Crows (Part 1)

Still some crows in the back light.

Good times! Before the vandals moved in the flat upstairs and I still could go to bed early and wake up at dawn!

My days are so different now but on a more positive note, the wind of change never stops to blow 😈

5 thoughts on “Ostia – Hooded Crows (Part 1)

  1. The collective noun for crows is a ‘murder’. Don’t get any similar ideas regarding your neighbours!

    1. ðŸĪĢI always have an escape plan but this damn virus blew it away! I am considering all the alternatives now 😈ðŸĪĢ tomorrow I will join a friend of mine in a village close to here. That will make at least one night of healthy sleep! But this is a damn Friday so I’ll let you imagine…

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